World of Warcraft Dailies

In Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard has given players plenty of daily quests to do that can take up the greater portion of your day if you attempt to get them all done every day. It is probably best to grind two or three of these factions at a time so you can still have the best gear, but without grinding non stop for three weeks to get it. Daily quests are an integral part of the game and that has become even more true in the new WoW expansion.

Necessary Factions

the golden pagoda golden lotus quest hub wowMany of the factions in Mists of Pandaria offer players epic gear in return for grinding reputation with them all the way up to revered. These item upgrades are very important because they are of a much higher item level than the raid finder gear which is all players will be getting for quite a while. The Klaxxi, August Celestials, Golden Lotus, and the Shado-Pan must all be raised to revered if you want every piece of item level 489 gear that you can get. While this largely depends on which gear upgrades you need the most, there is a rough order of importance for grinding these reputations. The Golden Lotus must be done first as it unlocks all the other daily quests for the three other factions. Once you have reached revered with the Golden Lotus, the August Celestials are likely the first faction you want to grind rep with. Followed shortly after by the Shado-Pan and then the Klaxxi.

Aesthetic Rewards

order of the cloud serpent mountWhile factions offer their most prized rewards at revered standing, players can reach exalted with a faction to unlock the aesthetic rewards. These include many different things like mounts and tabards which you can show off in town. Each faction has rewards like these so it’s all a matter of which one is the coolest to you. One of the crowd favorites is the Order of the Cloud Serpent exalted reward. Players can purchase the corresponding tabard and are gifted with the cloud serpent of their choice. You will be able to choose a serpent when starting to grind reputation with this faction and then watch it grow from a hatchling into an adult. You can also purchase the other colors of cloud serpent for a fee if you like how they look enough.

Immerse Yourself in the Game

map of pandaria world of warcraftThe cool thing about daily quests in this expansion is that they really give players a sense of helping out on the battlefield. The various factions of Pandaria always seem to be at war with someone and it is up to your hero to help them out. If you enjoy the role playing aspect of these games, then you will love completing daily quests each and every day and helping various factions win their disputes. There is plenty of stuff to do for max level players in Mists of Pandaria. Blizzard made sure that there was no chance of a max level player ever being bored and complaining about it!